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   Enhanced NIBP, Temperature and SpO2 accuracy
   Compact design (increasing mobility)
   User friendly interface (Data output-USB)
   Built-in rechargeable battery
   Adult, Pediatric and Neonate application
   Internal thermal printer (option)
   Alarm system

   NIBP only [N]
   NIBP, Printer [NP]
   NIBP, SpO2 [NS]
   NIBP, SpO2, Printer [NSP]
   NIBP, Temperature [NT]
   NIBP, Temperature, Printer [NTP]
   NIBP, SpO2, Temperature [NST]
   NIBP, SpO2, Temperature, Printer [NSTP]

Operating temperature 10 ~ 40˚C
Storage temperature -20 ~ 50˚C
Operating Humidity 15 ~ 95 % (non - condensing)
Storage Humidity 15 ~ 95 % (non - condensing)


Size 120(W) x 177.5(D) x 205(H)mm
Weight (excluding accessories, options, cable) Approx. 2.3 kg
Mounting Self-supporting on rubber feet Custom mobile stand(Option)
Portability grip


Screen Type Custom LCD
Active Screen Size 87.3 x 100mm


Type Internal thermal printer
Paper Width 58mm

Safety Standards

According to EN 60601-1
Protection Class Class IIb
NIBP, SpO2 : Type BF / Temp : Type B

Power Sources

Internal Battery 12V, 2100 mAh, Ni-MH
Battery Operation Time Over 4 hours
DC Adapter Input: 100-240 VAC(50/60 Hz) / Output: 18V, 3.4A

NIBP (Non Invasive Blood Pressure)

Method of Measurement Oscillometric
Blood Pressure Range SYS

Adult 40~260mmHg

Pediatric 40~160mmHg Neonate 40~130mmHg

Adult 26~220mmHg

Pediatric 26~133mmHg Neonate 26~110mmHg

Adult 20~200mmHg

Pediatric 20~120mmHg Neonate 20~100mmHg
Clinical Accuracy Meet accuracy requirements of ANSI / AAMI SP10 (1992 and 2002)
Pressure Transducer Accuracy ±3 mmHg between 0 ~ 300 mmHg for operating conditions between 0~50˚C
Pulse Rate Range 30~220 BPM (Bit Per Minute)
Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2% or ±3 BPM, whichever is greater
Overpressure Cutoff 300mmHg (Adult & Pediatric modes) / 150mmHg (Neonate mode)


Saturation Range 0~100%
Saturation Accuracy 70 -100% ±2%, 50-69 ±3%
Plus Rate Range 30~250BPM
Pluse Rate Accuracy ±2%


Technique Infrared ear measurement
Measurement Range 0˚C ~ 100˚C
Accuracy In Temperature 32˚C ~ 42.2˚C, ±0.2˚C
Display Resolution 0.1˚C
Measurement Spot

An eardrum

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